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Kat Zoula – Producer/Director

Kat started her career as a production assistant in several news channels in Europe and the Middle East. After nearly ten years working in tv news she decided to follow her true passion for documentary filmmaking. In 2009 she graduated from Brunel university where she completed a Masters in Documentary Practices. Her final year project, The Village that Whistles about an ancient whistled language used by the villagers of Antia in Greece, was showcased in a multitude of festivals from Greece, to Estonia, to Spain and even New Caledonia.

Right now she and her family are preparing to move to Istanbul, Turkey where she’ll continue to use filmmaking as a way of travelling the world and telling the stories that fascinate her. 

Sri Headshot.jpg

Sri Jiva Southall – Camera/Cinematography

Sri has over 10 years experience as a shoot editor with a passion for camera work and documentary production . He started out as the staff camera operator for Arsenal FC and since then he has always been on the move pursuing adventurous and alternative projects. He spent two years in Borneo working as an editor for Scubazoo Images, an underwater production company meanwhile working on two independent short documentaries in Borneo and France. Notably, he was cinematographer for Manilla Dreaming, a One World award winning documentary shot over 5 years in the Philippines.

He is now living in the UK teaching at Royal Holloway and freelancing as a lighting and Cameraman.

More Crew

Translation services | Hamza Mwamoyo

Zanzibar Producer | Aisha Ramadhani Mashauri

Local Fixer | Ameir Amour Bakar

Additional camerawork | Kat Zoula

Editing | Kat Zoula

Color Grading | Nic Dove

Logo Design | Chris Scarr



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