The Characters

wanu still

Wanu is a hardworking seaweed farmer in Paje village with an infectious laugh. She has 8 kids and earning a solid wage has always been a challenge. Since she started making soap out of seaweed her life has changed. She now earns as much as her husband and even pays her kids school fees, challenging the traditional role of women in Zanzibar.

Flower still

Dr Flower is a local scientist who is passionate about using science to empower communities. ‘It’s not a weed!’ she adamantly insists. She tirelessly researches better farming and processing techniques and then spreads the knowledge wherever she goes. She has friends in every coastal village in Zanzibar and has even helped set up social projects like the Seaweed Center.

KlaartjeKlaartje, a former investment banker from the Netherlands became the new CEO of the Seaweed Center in 2014. She’s always had a love for Africa since she was born in Mozambique so she happily moved to Zanzibar with her two kids. She is passionate about sustainable, socially conscious businesses.

Safia still

Safia is one of the most successful entrepreneurs around. She doesn’t work at the Center. She makes seaweed soap and jewelry from seashells in her own home and is so successful that she has managed lift her family out of poverty. She teaches other women the skills of the trade for free and travels all over Zanzibar and East Africa to hone her expertise.